2016 m. rugpjūčio 20 d., šeštadienis

Collab: 5 school hacks


How is your summer? Mine is horrible :D The weather is joking every day like a few days ago it was like -100000C and today like +10000C haha!

Buuut! I am here not talk about summer weather but about school. Yeah yeah, I know... I am going to school in a week and a half... on September 1st and I am going to be 11th grader this year! So I and lovely Shaima decided why not to fill you guys up with 10 school hacks? 

So here is mine 5 and HERE is Shaima's ! 

1. No more writing mistakes.

If you usually make a lot of spelling/writing mistakes www.grammarly.comgrammarly.com is just for you! Even now as I am writing this my Grammarly checks my spelling and writing mistakes!
So next time you are writing an essay on you computer put all of your essay in Grammarly and it will show all of your mistakes!

2. No more stress.

So I did some research on how to reduce stress in school and one of the ways is smelling or eating an orange! You can make a little bag full of orange peels and put it in your bag OR you can check orange gum! (Just make sure no one sees when you are putting gum cause you know how it can be ;)))

3. No more "accidents"

Make your own "Emergency kit". Just take like any little makeup bag and fill it with everything that you usually need in the day: lit balm,hair tie, spoolie to theme those brows, tissue, wet wipes, band aids and everything else! Trust me, if you have this you will never be in that situation where you need to borrow someone's hair tie or go ask for a tissue.

4. Short reviewing

If you been to a situation where it's just before the test and you forgot one important thing and you still have time to look for it but you don't want to read the whole page just read first and the last sentence of  the paragraph. BUT  it only works if you have read the page before ;)

5. No more bad grades from tests

I have 2 hacks for this so:

5,1 Try to start learning/revising 2 or 3 days before test so you don't have to stay up all night and come to test exhausted ;) Try to set reminders so you won't forget went to start studying ;))

5,2 Just before test try revising everything in groups of 2 to 5 people. How does it work? One person takes notes and asks others questions from the topic of test and other tries to answer as fast as possible. Not only you will get to revise very fast but you also can count points and make a game from it ;)

I hope you can add these to your school routine and that these hacks make your school life easier! 

If you have any of yours hacks share them in the comments bellow!

Have a nice day everyone!