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3 steps body care I swear by

Having good body care means having amazing skin in any weather or social situation. But it is a pain in *** to get it right! After having psoriasis for 1,5 years it has been a trial and error time to find something that works for me BUT! Here is a super simple 3 steps body care wich is too easy not to share!

Wash it aaaaaal real good
Cleansing is really importing for your face, body and soul. My fave body washes are shower oils. It is so convenient for dry skin & you don't have to care about taking off your natural oils. 

Scrub dub dub
For a year I scrub my skin once a week and I have seen a big difference in my overall skin: it is smoother, softer and brighter. I used to use the DIY scrub (post to it here) but at the time I am trying some that I bought in the drugstore, what I can tell that it is so different for DIY except the smell is a faker and you don't see what is put in it. 
Tip: if you trying to get tan really nice just scrub a day before you vitamin D session. Trust me you'll look like tanned goddess

Slader that moisture on
I think this is the most important step in my body care routine because I have extremely dry skin thanks to psoriasis. But thanks to the same disease I have an ability to try thousands of different body oils, lotions, creams, butter - haha that's the bright side! After a quick shower, i like to use heavy body lotion (like this uoga uoga) & after bath I use either coconut oil or body butter.