2015 m. spalio 13 d., antradienis

Sunday in the nature

  Hey everyone! Hope you are well!

Sunday me and my dad been to little ("little" like 3 miles) walk to my favorite place in my town. It's Meškučių Piliakalnis (don't really know how it's in english haha- as google translate says it's mound). This place has something super special. Here is super peaceful and quiet ( perfect to clear minds and be with yourself!) . Just insects, birds and wind. Also the river. From the highest point you can see so many beautiful things like 2 parks, A LOT of trees and idk just so many green things. In fall it's supper beautiful here because you know, leaves turn red, yellow and other beautiful rainbow colours.

At fall I like to wear bright colours, because Fall is one of the most colourful seasons of he year, and I like to be colorful too, because why not? Fall is pretty cold here in Lithuanian, so I HAVE to wear my bright blue coat with i LOVE LOVE LOVE and have for ages! Also can forget about orange boots and colourful big blanket scarf wich I wanted so bad!

Jeans/Vero Moda
Scarf/ thrifted
Bagpack/ VIceroy


Do you have your favorite place to go? Why do you like it?

Lots of love,