Friday, 29 December 2017

4 ways to use ginger to kill acne and psoriasis

Pimples and psoriasis is my daily struggle as you may notice from my blog and Insta. Even though it is hard fighting with these 2 harsh enemies there is a natural way of treating it which is a constant guest in my kitchen aka. Mr Ginger.

Ginger is well known for its unique natural anti-inflammatory and cure for nausea. I love to use it for smoothies, baking and soups because it makes anything way more interesting and a bit spicy! 

But something I didn't know is that ginger is really popular in using it in beauty products! You can find it everywhere, from shampoos to deodorants. It is used in these products for its antibacterial properties and ability to reduce inflammation. These 2 benefits are crucial for treating acne (antibacterial benefit) and psoriasis (anti-inflammatory property). So I am sharing 4 way to treat these 2 nasties in a natural way!

Monday, 23 October 2017

4 apps for calm life

Being 12th graders means being on a constant stress and trying to squees a minute of a nap while a massive queue of essays and tests is waiting right behind the corner. For this reason, I find finding few ways to stay calm to be very important and crucial. Also as a teen, I can find my life without my phone. So in this post, I am sharing 4 apps that keep my minds quiet and calm!

Monday, 16 October 2017

3 Fall-proof hair styles | SAYA hairpin

Having a healthy relationship with our Mother Earth is crucial when living in this century. You ask why? Well if you live in the big city where cars drive around, trains pass you by and planes fly all around you may forget that everything started with a seed in the ground and small creatures in the water. Living in the fast pace world we forget how important it is to keep our planet nice and healthy.

Few post back I wrote about an amazing campaign by SAYA which saves the planet with hairpins. For every pin that is bought few trees are planted. This way we are not only saving our "planet lungs" we are also making our hair free of plastic or other chemical things. Also, pining your hair back will make you want to wash your hair less, because these 3 hairstyles look so much better on oilier, 4-day hair ;)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

5 Europe places to grab a bite in summer'17

Even tough summer is slowlyy turning away from us I wanted to share 5 places in Europe to still have a bite of!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

A dupe for HOT Urban Decay Naked Heat palette? | NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette review

Something new and extremely hot is hitting beauty counters. Any guesses?? It is, of course, new Urban Decan Naked Heat line. But let us talk about eyeshadow palette for today. Is it really that special? Do we as a beauty hoarders don't own anything similar? Ofc. we do. Because even I do. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Treat psoriasis with me: A natural way to stop the itch? | Rose water

One of the most annoying things of having psoriasis is itching. Mmm... let me correct- CONSTANTLY itching. Yeah, that sounds better. Itching for psoriasis human (i don't like how "sufferer" sounds) is a daily routine thing such as breathing. And yes yes, people tell that you should just focus on something else and the itching sensation will go away. Well, that is not that simple. For me, itching starts from somewhere deep down in my skin tissue or even deep in my bones. You can't stop it while it seems to spread all over the body. Thus it was a must for me to find something that would stop this sensation from happening. And as always- natural products work the best!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

3 steps body care I swear by

Having good body care means having amazing skin in any weather or social situation. But it is a pain in *** to get it right! After having psoriasis for 1,5 years it has been a trial and error time to find something that works for me BUT! Here is a super simple 3 steps body care wich is too easy not to share!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Are my lips really ALWAYS bare? | Uoga Uoga lipgloss

At the age of 8, I started using lipglosses to feel like an adult (haha those times!). Those were super shiny, glossy and full of perfume wich is really bad for young skin. Also, they were SUPER sticky and uncomfortable to wear. But what can you do when you want to feel like "an adult"???
After being "cool" or smth for a few year I decided to give up on lipglosses for its inconvenience. But you know what? At age 18 I found a lipgloss which changed my view to this situation. And what is more, I found another way on how to use it!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How to Look Your Best This Spring/Summer | Guest post by Peter Minkoff

Spring has already come and brought many changes along with it. So, if you want to look your best this season, you need to keep up with the latest trends. There are so many different rules and suggestions on how to look great, that you can end up confused. However, there is no need to worry, since we have prepared a simple guide for you to follow.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

How can planet Earth be saved with a hair pin?

Have you ever thought about saving the world? Ofc you did. You asked so many questions: "Where should I start? What could I do? Is this really worth it? After all of these, you might come up with a mind that said "But you are only on human. You can't change the whole world." Well, I must say, that you, yes you, YOU CAN change this planet and make it happy again. "How do I begin" - you ask? Well, that as simple as counting to 5 ;)

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Using rice in skin care? | TBS Chinese ginseng & rice face mask

Did in last 2 years you imagined that you'll be using avocados, cucumber, coconut oil, oats and any kind of berries in your skin care? Well, I don't. And now it is my routine to use coconut oil on my hair 2 times per week and sometimes making a face mask from oats and honey. But did you knew that rice skincare is a thing?? On 2016 & 2017 it is trendy to look back at Korean skincare and it seems that rice was a thing ages ago! I found the way on using it and I know you will too!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Day at botanical park

As I said in my previous post, last year gardening hobby knocked on my doors and I happily invited it in. Now my window shelf is infested with plants: lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, chamomile, thyme, succulents, cacti and etc. If I could I would plant every corner of my flat with something green and alive. It just feels so right to know that I can keep something alive and happy. After all, plants have feelings.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Loreal Pure Clay: Purity mask review

Recently my face became really oily (so oily that it seems that you can cook on my face). Though this phase of transitioning from winter to spring/summer my skin gets all over the place. But whose skin doesn't go crazy haha? So, as always I went to find the best solution or the oiliness. I came up with everyone's talked about mask from Loreal. And it really did work for me!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Best VEGAN banana bread ever!

My family and I went to the supermarket on Saturday and we found grounded flax seeds.I know, I know, what is so special about it? Well, that isn't that usual product found in my city and from it, you can make flax egg ;) As soon as we saw it we bought it and the first mind that popped up in my head was "Vegan banana bread".

My little sister (who modelled me in my last post) is vegan, thus it is very important for me as a big sister to make something delicious that she could eat.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Bringing life into the flat: Lettuce edition

Since last year summer, I have a new hobby. And it is gardening. But I am dealing with a small (or not so much) problem: space. As you may know, I live in a small flat with no ability to reach garden with any soil. But that didn't stop me and today I am sharing few bits and bobs from my first this year planting aka. making my flat greener with a little bit of lettuce. So Lettuce begging! (Haha I love this pun more that life!).

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Magical brushes??

If you know me just a little bit you would know that I have this big obsession for stuff with unicorns on them. I have few t-shirts, plushie, a mini figure and a necklace from my loved one. In this case, i bought makeup brushes. But are these look like any other you have seen in a shop? Oh no no haha! These are unicorn horn brushes aka. my dream ones.

Friday, 17 February 2017

ODA: Active glycolic cleanser & Regenerating acne control cream

Since summer my face started to change up. From super dry and flaky it has become combination normal to oily AND acne prone. How fun!
So since then, my face is FULL of red bumps, pimples, whiteheads and everything like that. I had to do something with it.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Treat psoriasis with me: Bioderma Node K

The first thing I wanted to talk about is scalp psoriasis. It is one of the hardest places to treat this disease because of the hair which is covering aaaaaal the scalp. But this Bioderma's Node K duo is the best that I could find to help with itchiness.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Treat psoriasis with me: Intro + My story

I have psoriasis
(Sounded so dramatic lol).

*If you don't know what it is HERE is Wikipedia's link to it ;)*

Last winter I started to get super itchy red bumps all over my arms and back that itched so bad I HAD to scratch them till it bleeds. Yeah sounds pretty creepy. I didn't really do much about that. I started to moisturise more, I thought it's only dry skin, that's normal for winter I guessed. But then those dry flaky red skin bumps decided that my forehead is a perfect place for them to settle down ;) I had only like 2 scales on my forehead but it didn't look appealing at all. Thus I decided to go to the dermatologist to find out what the hell is going on. She calmly told me that I have psoriasis. So said I will be having it for the rest of mt life and that there is NO treatment that could heal my scales immediately or forever. I was surprised because this skin disease is inherited but no one in my family has it. She also said that I won't die for this and that it's not contagious in any way or form. **good to know**