Monday, 17 April 2017

Loreal Pure Clay: Purity mask review

Recently my face became really oily (so oily that it seems that you can cook on my face). Though this phase of transitioning from winter to spring/summer my skin gets all over the place. But whose skin doesn't go crazy haha? So, as always I went to find the best solution or the oiliness. I came up with everyone's talked about mask from Loreal. And it really did work for me!

Loreal Pure clay mask I use 1 to 2 times per week and I saw a big difference in my oily face in 2 weeks (after 3 uses). I only like to put it where it is the worst but I have tried it on my whole face and it didn't dry out my cheeks area. But you have to be careful and if your skin likes to go to the Dry side (haha like from Star wars #DrySide) you shouldn't keep it for more than 5min ;)

Because it is filled with eucalyptus (which makes this mask smell incredible) it not only stops oil production but it also clears out skin very deeply. ALSO, it helps to heal my acne ;) 

So overall I am very happy with this mask and I'd recommend it to everyone who likes to pamper their skin or deals with oiliness. 

Have you tried it? Did you like it? Or maybe have any other great suggestion for oily/combination skin? I am always on the hunt for something new!

Loreal mask can be found: here, here, here and here

The brush I used in photos is from this post.


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