Monday, 28 December 2015

Why Sock Bun Curls Will Change Your Life

Well hello gorgeous!
How you doing?

2 days ago i wrapped my hair on hair doughnut (or as you may now simple old sock) and it did magic. What magic? It made most wonderful, soft and effortless waves ever! I took some photos for Instagram and i thought why not to post it out here? So here it it!

If you want to feel this magic here is link for video which i used.
Also, in this video she doesn't use any water or anything, but I used little bit of water to damp my ponytail and a LOT(trust me a lot) of argan oil, because my curls usually gets very frizzy and super messy.

Hope some of you'll try this technique and will be happy with these amazing curls! If you'll try it out let me know!

Lots of curly hugs,Barbora 

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