Monday, 17 April 2017

Loreal Pure Clay: Purity mask review

Recently my face became really oily (so oily that it seems that you can cook on my face). Though this phase of transitioning from winter to spring/summer my skin gets all over the place. But whose skin doesn't go crazy haha? So, as always I went to find the best solution or the oiliness. I came up with everyone's talked about mask from Loreal. And it really did work for me!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Best VEGAN banana bread ever!

My family and I went to the supermarket on Saturday and we found grounded flax seeds.I know, I know, what is so special about it? Well, that isn't that usual product found in my city and from it, you can make flax egg ;) As soon as we saw it we bought it and the first mind that popped up in my head was "Vegan banana bread".

My little sister (who modelled me in my last post) is vegan, thus it is very important for me as a big sister to make something delicious that she could eat.