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September favorites

Hello everyone!

First month of fall just ended (yey just 8 month of school left!) so I want to share my new favorite with you all.

CANDLES is a must for fall/winter season for me 'cause I love to have something warm and cozy in my little room. Most of all i love candles wich smell good so here's some of my favorites:

1. Bolsius aromatic small scented candles. I have my in wild cranberry smell with it's so nice and fresh!

2. Air Wick candle in Orange & Festive spice. Such a nice smell! So warm, fresh and cozy!

3. Elements scene (E&S) little candle in Ginger peach. I can't even explain how amazing smell its! So warm and sweet but not too sweet, ugh just so nice!

4. My new candle holder. Brought it from Maxima, don;t know the real name of it, but it's kinda cage like thingly (also then you light up candle in the dark whose room looks super nice)

Music is big part of my life, especially in fall/winter when it's cold and weather it's just ehh, you know. At first days of september I found new artist that i totally adore. Its Huntar. all songs is so good & perfect for this season! My favorites are Autumn, The hunger, Love I know and SK1N. Check him out!


Some beauty products: 

1. L'oreal Paris Elvital Leave in conditioner. My mum brought it not even knowing what it is,.When I first sprayed in my hair I was like "Oh another nice smelling L'oreal product". Even after few days of using it I didn't read that it's leave in conditioner wich i wanted of a long time but i didn't knew wich will be good. After i started to feel that my hair become super (i mean SUPER) soft and shiny i read what i was spraying. Ha so that's how i find the best hair product of all time (for now). And yeah it looks like I say good stuff about every hair product, but trust me, this thing does the job. Even then my hair is supper frizzy and don't want to stay where they need to stay, this spray helps alot! Such a great product!

2. Loreal Paris True match Foundation. I can't be skeptical about it because it's my first ever foundation but i'm really happy about this! It doesn't do that cakey affect, its buildable and stays on everyday! Also I don't need any brush to put it on because it puts very easily. Really happy about this!

What's yours september favourites? let me know in the comments below!

Have a nice day,


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