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Granola cranberries bars

Hey everyone!

It's me again, long time no see!
Today I'm here with my Granola cranberries bars recepy!

You will need:

  • dried cranberries (or other dried fruit of your choise)
  • oats
  • honey
  • raisins(optional)
  • and nuts of your choise ( I choise Indian nuts)

Let's begin:

1. You'll need to put all ingredients into one bowl and pour a lot of honey (I put like 5 spoons), mix it up until everything is super tacky.
 **just be in mind that only your hands will be your magical spoon, because it's sooo tacky. And i just want to warn you IT WILL get everywhere**

2. Then all of that tackines you will need to pour it all into some kind of baking pan lined up with some baking paper.
 **unless you use silicone pan like me**

3. After that's done put that baking pan into freezer for couple of hours.

Aaaand you are done!

It's such a hummy snack for every day after school or work. You can even take this with your lunch! It's very healthy and simple way to make your life a bit healthier!

Happy eating!


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