2015 m. gruodžio 25 d., penktadienis

What is under my Christmas tree??

Merry Christmas everyone!

How is your holidays going on?
Today i want to share what Santa Claus (aka. my Mom) left under my Christmas tree (aka. my desk, because no Christmas spirit means no Christmas tree). So here it is!

1.Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I wanted this for like forrrrrrever (or just maybe 2 years???) and i finally got it! Why do i wanted this? Because everyone on youtube is (was) obsessed with this and i always wanted quality brush for foundation. I didn't choose to get Foundation brush because a lot people on internet said that it's not worth it, yeah it does the job but with this brush you'll get the most flawless finish ever.

I haven't tried this yet because I just got it but i may write a review about it in the future!

2. Castor oil

I am into natural oils recently and i wanted to try this. I remember one of my friends have it and told me just good words about it. So why not to try it?
My hair recently started to fall out very much and my eyelashes is very weak so i hope (fingers crossed) this will work!

3. Mantvydo Leknicko "Kniedytos mintys"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE good books and I was dreaming about this one for like a year or so. This book is kinda special because it's poetry book wich I'm not really into. BUT. These poems got my attention on Facebook. How? This author first started to post his poems on social media and got a lot of love for that, so he wrote a book witch i'm holding in my hands right now. These poems are about love and everything that comes after it. I think that every Lithuanian should have this in their house because trust me it's sooo good!

4. Beauty products

Loreal Paris Telescopic mascara.
I haven't tried it yet but i heard so much great reviews about it! As the reviews sais it gives super long and supper black lashes wich I really like! So we will soo how it goes!

Coca Cola Lip Smacker.
How much of you like Cola??? I think a lot. And how many of you like really nice smelling and moisturizing lip balm as? I think even more. Now imagine Supper moisturising lip balm that smells like Cola?? You say it's imposible? I disagree with you. This lip Smacker really works! I was really sceptical at first, but trust me now it's one of my favorites!

What did you found under your Christmas tree? Did you get what you expected? Or have you tried one of these? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Warm hugs an kisses,