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Biocell Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask

Happy Valentine day to everyone!

It sounded like Christmas or something haha :D But like seriously Valentine day is for love yeah? It doesn't matter if you spend it with your soul mate, boyfriend, best friends, mom or just a glass of vine and sad movie. Valentine day is for sharing love and warm vibes. One in a while we all need to make breaks of our crazy routine and stop, smile and think about happy things! That's why we have Valentine day! To have a day of loving ourselves!

So today I'm writing a review about this Biocell moisturizing Hyaluronic acid face mask (such a long name!). This mask is one of those sheet thingies that covers all your face and you look crazy for 20-30 min. As it says on the label it should restore skin moisture (which would be very helpful for me!), reduce pores, increases skin resilience, keeps skin supple, bright and youthful.

So a took a bath and after that, i take off a little plastic mask of the real mask and I put on. Feeling was too strange and like Ewww! I after 10 min I get used to it!
OFcourse I HAD to do a little photoshoot with this mask because it looked hilarious!

I have one lip in this photo!

So here is me looking like crazy! But you know it was worth it!
I have it on for 30 minutes and after I took it off I was pretty impressed! My skin felt like baby's but! So soft, hydrated and smooth! I really did it job and I'm really proud of myself that I bought two if these!

Also, this mask brand is based in Lithuania! aka. a country where I born and live!

Check Biocell here!

So happy Valentines day one more time! Now go and LOVE YOURSELF!

Warmest hug and lots of virtual kisses,


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