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Products I regret buying

I buy a lot of beauty stuff and I know you also, but not always we get the thing that we looked for. So today I'll write about some products that really disappointed me and I'm really regret buying it!

Baby lips

Baby lips were such a trend so I HAVE to buy one or two. Now don't get me wrong Baby lips are great! I have Mint fresh (the green one). Pink punch (the pink one) and Hydrate (the baby blue one). First two I still really enjoy using! Mint fresh smells really nice, it tingles my lips and makes them soft. Pink punch smells really good too, it gives me really pretty pink tint and doesn't dry my lips at all! But the blue one. Ugh. I don't like the smell, it moisturises only for 1-2 minutes and after that, my lips gets this really crazy thing on my lips I don't know how to describe it. It's like soft mask on my lips that cracks and leaves my lips cracked and bleeding.

Rimmel BB cream matte 9-in-1

I have this thing for ages and I still don;t understand why I have it. First of all the color. It's orange. I have green tint color skin tone and after I put this on I look like those girls after bad spray tan sessions or so. Also, it's ver very VERY cakey. Trust me. Maybe it's because my skin is very dry? But I have been trying it with moisturisers and lots of skin oils. And nothing. I am really disappointed in this product because I really like Rimmer products, but this thing have to get out of my makeup bag!

Garnier Fructis Split-eds bandage

My hair used to split so bad and I didn't know what to do so I brought a bunch of things to help. And Garnier had very pretty display stand in my drugstore and you know, nice displays and nice packaging really got me! So I brought it and know I'm really regretting. This thing does nothing. Literally nothing, Just my hair gets very oily and stuff. It didn't help me with my split ends at all.

Berber oil mask

As I said in my last to blog post (1 & 2) winter makes my skin very damage. And not only skin. All that cold and wind dries out my hair very fast so I HAVE to look for good hair mask to restore all the moisture and prevent split ends. So my and my mum went to store and asked for a good and moisturising mask. The gave us this. It cost about 13 euros (that's still a lot for me). The cashier said only good words about this mask, it's very good for hair, it has a lot of good oils and vitamins and all that stuff. But after first wash, my hair was still as dry as it was. I tried another time. It didn't do anything as it says on the label or as cashier said. It only works if I mix it with argan oil (i talk about it here) and coconut oil. Really disappointed about this!

So here it is!

Have you tried these products? Maybe you liked them? What is your most regrettable brought product?

Have a nice day,

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