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Spring wishlist

Spring wishlist

Spring wishlist by barborakami 

Spring is right around the corner and I wanted to share my wardrobe wish list with all of you!


This summer I'm going to Crete (you may know that from my Instagram) and I need some protection for my eyes. I have my Ray Bans for 2 or so years and I'm so bored of them! I really like black and neutral colour cat eye glasses.

Light dresses. 

Nothing to say about these, because aren't they gorgeous? I feel like a little flower then I'm wearing something like these!

Yellow coats.
I really really like coats, they give little bit of feminine or edginess to any outfit. And I really like yellow ones! But yellow doesn't go well with my skin tone. Maybe one day I'll find the perfect yellow? wish me luck!


Clogs are getting into trends these days and I'm really liking them! They might not look very comfortable, but I'll try to find one!


I really really REALLY need a hat. And I like the way fedoras looks on me. BUT. I have super small head and every had that I tried in shops are too big for me. #SmallHeadProblems


I know. I know. These are gorgeous. That's why they are on my mind 24/7! But like seriously, who doesn't like little designers bags?

That's for now! What is on Your spring wishlist? 

Sending warm kisses,

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