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Who to follow? 1.

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on TWITTER you may know that I decided to start 2 series on my blog this summer and here is first of them!

In this series I'd like to share people which I like, I mean I'd share their social media stuff that I really like. Here you'll see a lot of pretty Instagrams, inspiring and joyful youtube channels and gorgeous blogs that I really like!

By doing these series I would like to share as many people as I could so I will post these series once a week or more, you know it depends on my mood and etc.

So here is my ULTIMATE favourites!


Victoria from InTheFrow

I love her blog and youtube channel because she seems so free and careful, she is super stylish and I love love the way she does her make-up! Also all those designers clothes! Ohh! ♥

Suzie from Hello-October

Gosh, this girl is so cute and pretty! And that wing liner is always on point! Don't forget to watch her lookbooks!

Mimi from MimiIkonn

Mimi was the first one who pushed me to live a happy life and start a blog. She and her husband Alex is so inspiring and motivational! They like to travel a lot around the world that means I spend like 30minutes every weekend to watch their travel diaries on youtube channel haha!


Eva from @mylifeaseva

Just a lot of bright colours, animals, and travels. You HAVE to follow her she is amazing! And she is also a youtuber ;))))

Huda from @HudaBeauty

Who doesn't know Huda these days? If you don't but you love makeup tips and just watching makeup tutorials as myself for whole day this is account for you ;)


Just come and follow this account. You'll thank me later! ;)

That is it for now! Who you like to follow on Instagram/youtube/bloglovin? Let me know in the comment below!

Have a nice day,

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