2016 m. gruodžio 27 d., antradienis

Uoga uoga "Morning mojito" body lotion

Good morning/day/evening for everyone!

Winter can be harsh for us dry skin owners (or everyone else), skin gets even drier, maybe even uncomfortably itchy. Drinking more water and moisturising is key to helping out with this dry problem. 
I am always trying out new products and I love to find something natural, handmade (or both) that works wonders. So today's small post about this amazing body lotion from cruelty-free Lithuanian brand Uoga Uoga!

I bought this one called "Morning mojito" not because I like to drink the mojito in anyways (I am one of those crazy teens who doesn't enjoy drinking at all), I bought this because I love the scent of lime, lemon and mint together! No, but like for real, I needed new lotion haha! And when I stumble upon this one I could take my eyes from it! Isn't it so nice? Very minimalistic and simple packaging that is my fave!

This lotion is SUPER rich. And when I say SUPER I mean that. It's infested with LOTS of natural oils such as Sesame oil, Sweet almond oil and Jojoba oil. And all of these ar natural and organic as possible! So you really pay for real ingredients!

As I said it's very thick and rich that means it moisturises like heaven for minimum 8-12h! I like to apply it on my wet skin after bath/shower. Its smell wakes my body up very quickly (because citrus smells works with energising and blood stimulation) and I feel fresh and ready to rule this world!

If anyone's interested in more about this amazing brand you can find it here(EN) and here (LT).

Have a great day!