2017 m. vasario 26 d., sekmadienis

Magical brushes??

If you know me just a little bit you would know that I have this big obsession for stuff with unicorns on them. I have few t-shirts, plushie, a mini figure and a necklace from my loved one. In this case, i bought makeup brushes. But are these look like any other you have seen in a shop? Oh no no haha! These are unicorn horn brushes aka. my dream ones.

It is a complex of 10 brushes: 5 for eyes and 5 for the face. I only have tried eye ones and a fan brush but damn! They make any product go on so seamlessly!  

These are my early 18th birthday's gift from myself to myself. I ordered them on Aliexpress and in about a month I have them! I am super happy because I didn't expect them to be so good quality! They are super soft and don't shed at all!

Again I can't tell you how happy I am with these! You will see them in the future post for sure!