2017 m. kovo 19 d., sekmadienis

Bringing life into the flat: Lettuce edition

Since last year summer, I have a new hobby. And it is gardening. But I am dealing with a small (or not so much) problem: space. As you may know, I live in a small flat with no ability to reach garden with any soil. But that didn't stop me and today I am sharing few bits and bobs from my first this year planting aka. making my flat greener with a little bit of lettuce. So Lettuce begging! (Haha I love this pun more that life!).

(Thanks to my little sister for being a hand model in these lol!)

Since winter I had in my mind that I NEED to start planting, my hands literally were itching lol! This is my first time planting something eatable (last year I was planting herbs: basil, parsley, and chamomile which it still strong and growing). My mum & I decided to start easy with lettuce. So what we did we bought a small greenhouse for my bedroom's windowsill. It is a plastic box with about 30 little "pots" for growing plants/herbs/vegetables. 

I didn't expect to be this happy then I check these babies on Friday evening and they wee sprouted! I was in happy tears! Haha, my friends were laughing at me 'cause I was sending them photos and videos of being this happy from little green leaves popped out of small soil patches!

I know this post might not be so interesting for many of you but I just wanted to share a bit from my life haha! Also, hope you like these photos, I think I am getting better and better! Also, I love the editing I did on these! What do you think? 

AND! If any of you here have the same hobby as I and live in a flat I would love to hear some tips on growing bits and bobs properly because I am new to this game!

Have a great day and may your Monday be as happy as I am when I look at these green babies!