2017 m. birželio 12 d., pirmadienis

Treat psoriasis with me: A natural way to stop the itch? | Rose water

One of the most annoying things of having psoriasis is itching. Mmm... let me correct- CONSTANTLY itching. Yeah, that sounds better. Itching for psoriasis human (i don't like how "sufferer" sounds) is a daily routine thing such as breathing. And yes yes, people tell that you should just focus on something else and the itching sensation will go away. Well, that is not that simple. For me, itching starts from somewhere deep down in my skin tissue or even deep in my bones. You can't stop it while it seems to spread all over the body. Thus it was a must for me to find something that would stop this sensation from happening. And as always- natural products work the best!

Sorry for this long intro but I believe that it is a must to know the situation before reading about products haha! :)

So I say that IT IS possible to stop itch from happening with natural product?? Yes. And it is not so complicated as you can think of. It is only a water, not any water but Rose Water.

What is soo magical about this product? Well, first, you CAN make it at home if you grow roses ( I wouldn't suggest making it from bought ones because you don't know it they weren't grown on chemicals or any other bad stuff). Second, it is easily accessible in any drug or natural foods store. And last but not least, it can be used in so many ways!

Rose water has lots of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, antioxidants thus it treats inflamed areas aka. Psoriasis, helps to shrink and deep clean pores- bye bye acne AND moisturises like heaven! 

Even though my oily/normal/acne prone face doesn't like to be sprayed with this glory water I love to dust it all over after I powdered my makeup! By doing this my makeup never looks cakey or fake. 

But for psoriasis this rose magic is heaven! The moment it starts to itch in the certain area I just drench that spot with RW (i got tired of writing rose water over and over again :D) and in few seconds itch is gone! I don't know how or why it works but DAM it DOES! 

For everyone who is dealing with any kind of itchiness, I, with all of my heart, recommend trying RW because it is a lifesaver!

RW I used in these pics is by my home country brand Žiedė! I am obsessed with this bottle packaging!

More of Žiedė is here.