2017 m. rugpjūčio 1 d., antradienis

5 Europe places to grab a bite in summer'17

Even tough summer is slowlyy turning away from us I wanted to share 5 places in Europe to still have a bite of!

It is such a pretty country! A few years back I live for a week in small town Tossa de Mar. I absolutely loved it! So much culture, yummy food, and nice people! I would love to go back there someday!

I have never been there but just look at the view of Dubrovnik!!! Also Game of Thrones was filmed here ;))))))))))))))) Dubrovnik is on my list for next summer for sure!

I have never been here either! But when you think of pica and pasta aka. my 2fave things in the world, where would you ever need to go?? I am dreaming of Positano. I saw Mimi's Ikonn vlog from this magic place last year and from that on I am seeing this place in my dreams.

Of that lovely place! I once lived in Paris for like 5days. And it was amazing! Eifel tower & all of that romantic atmosphere! But talking not about Paris I need to go to France Provance. Haha just dream about fresh lands. Who is packing their suits in minds? I sure do!

Haha, how could I not talk about my country? We have so much to do here! From all year snow park, water parks to amazing nature objects! I wish I could drive a car (i will only start to go to driving school in few weeks) so I could drive everywhere in this little country!