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3 Fall-proof hair styles | SAYA hairpin

Having a healthy relationship with our Mother Earth is crucial when living in this century. You ask why? Well if you live in the big city where cars drive around, trains pass you by and planes fly all around you may forget that everything started with a seed in the ground and small creatures in the water. Living in the fast pace world we forget how important it is to keep our planet nice and healthy.

Few post back I wrote about an amazing campaign by SAYA which saves the planet with hairpins. For every pin that is bought few trees are planted. This way we are not only saving our "planet lungs" we are also making our hair free of plastic or other chemical things. Also, pining your hair back will make you want to wash your hair less, because these 3 hairstyles look so much better on oilier, 4-day hair ;)

 Side-twist bun

1. You have to take a small piece of hair in front of your face.
2. Divide it in two and start twisting.
3. With every twist grab a small peace and twist again*
4. After you reach your back of the head with a twist, wrap all of your hair into a bun and secure it with a hairpin.

Dragon bun aka. Dutch braid bun

1. Start a dutch** braid from the top of the head
2. When you reach back of the head wrap all your hair in the bun and secure it with a hairpin.

 Messy Bun

1. Gather all your hair into high ponytail
2. Wrap it up in the bun and secure it with a hairpin
 These amazing SAYA hairpins not only save our planet but also makes your hair healthier. Not washing it and keeping natural oils for longer than 1-2 days makes hair go back to its natural phase, keeps them looking sleek and naturally glowy.

So with a deep love for our planet, I highly recommend checking other pins made by SAYA  HERE!

* Here is a tutorial to a french braid which you can use to learn how to twist braid your hair.
** Here is a Dutch braid tutorial.

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