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4 ways to use ginger to kill acne and psoriasis

Pimples and psoriasis is my daily struggle as you may notice from my blog and Insta. Even though it is hard fighting with these 2 harsh enemies there is a natural way of treating it which is a constant guest in my kitchen aka. Mr Ginger.

Ginger is well known for its unique natural anti-inflammatory and cure for nausea. I love to use it for smoothies, baking and soups because it makes anything way more interesting and a bit spicy! 

But something I didn't know is that ginger is really popular in using it in beauty products! You can find it everywhere, from shampoos to deodorants. It is used in these products for its antibacterial properties and ability to reduce inflammation. These 2 benefits are crucial for treating acne (antibacterial benefit) and psoriasis (anti-inflammatory property). So I am sharing 4 way to treat these 2 nasties in a natural way!

TBS shampoo

The Body Shop is the only brand that I completely trust and love for about 5 years now. On their Instagram, I found out about this amazing shampoo with ginger which is supposed to heal dry and flaky scalp and few fellas P havers commented about how it is amazingly it works for psoriasis affected scalp. So I decided to try it :) And it is really good! I added few drops of rosemary and geranium essential oils to it to make it even better and stronger so now I am saying Au revoir to flakes and itchiness.

 TBS body butter

As I mentioned TBS is one of my fave brands to use! Not only because it is mostly natural but it also is cruelty-free! OK, but coming back to the ginger thing I’ve been using this body butter infused with ginger root extract that is why it is almost empty haha! My first love from TBS was their body butter because it is so creamy and heavy but absorbs very quickly! This one not only smells wonderful but also treats my itchy bumps very well, it moisturises it and reduces inflammation aka. redness very quickly and very well! Also, this effect lasts for at least 2-3 days ! ;)

Vivi acne cream

This is THE BEST THING EVER. I have the 2sd tube of it because it is so good! Its serum consistency makes it light and easy to apply, it doesn’t make my oily and doesn’t clog pores like others acne creams do :) It looks a bit weird because it is yellow but oh well it is natural haha! It is really the best acne cream I have ever had, even though it doesn’t work overnight it makes my daily struggles less hard to defeat!


I am a huge tea drinker, coffee doesn’t seem to go well with my energy levels haha! Even though I get nauseous very really I love to drink tea from fresh ginger and honey. It helps with my headaches and period pain! It is also natural detoxifying for any nasty thing happening in your gut which is always good! As gut, psoriasis and acne are very well bonded it is crucial to keep your gut healthy so this tea is 100% for it!

Have you tried ginger in your daily beauty routine? If so, please share how you use it in the comments below! 

Have a nice day everyone!

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