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Giraffe Smooties and juice

Hello everyone!
Today's post is about Juices and smoothies which are made by Lithuanian brand Giraffe Smoothies! I'm proud of this brand sooo bad, 'cause they made 100% Raw Juices and Smoothies of natural products which containing loooooots of vitamins!

I heard lots of good things about these juices and smoothies so wanted to try it too! So I got Fresh pineapple juice and Strawberry & Banana Smoothie.

On label it says it contains 1 BIG FULL PINEAPPLE! Isn't it perfect??? Also it's full of vitamin C! I love pineapple juice and I have tried a lot of them, but these are just in that perfect middle, not too sour and not too sweet! Love it!

On this smoothie label it says that this smoothie contains 10 fresh pressed strawberries! How cool is that???? Also after drunk this you'll get vitamin C which helps your immune system and reduces fatigue!
And the flavor! It's SO GOOD! Like i'm eating strawberries, in the middle of september! I want to drink it more and more and more! Soo good!

Also look at that "shake me!" so cute!
As it says its Bottled Happiness!

Have a nice day everyone!

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