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One brand review: ESPA

Winter usually is very harsh on your skin, especially on dry skin, like mines. This winter my skin conditions got on this crazy roller coaster: one day it's perfectly flawless and smooth, another is dry as Sahara desert, another is oily and full of little red dots. But then i found this brand and I can't tell you how happy I'm now!

This brand is called ESPA. In title you can see word SPA. And trust me after all this 3 steps routine i am feeling like after some professional Spa day.

1 step: Prepare

In this step is cleansing milk and hydrating floral spafresh (aka.toner). Because you know. cleansing is the key for flawless skin. These 2 not only removes left over of your make up but also all the dirt and eww stuff from your skin that you can see.
And the SMELL! Milk smells fruity and citrus and toner is like fresh picked roses! These scents are so relaxing too!

2 step: Treat

In this step is oil/serum. I really like putting oils on my face, more like an moisturisers or idk else. I have tried them face oils but this baby. This little baby gives you that glowy skin effect. This is full of multiple plat extracts with helps with brighten skin tone, protects against ageing and all those good stuff!

3 step: Moisturise

As I say in the beginning my skin is like SUPER dry. So i was happy to get these to! But i only use face moisturiser (Lift & Firm), because I really don't like an eye serums or creams (but my mom likes it!).
Moisturisers smell is very citrusy and fresh! I really like it!

So all in all i really like these products very much! The only problem is price... it's kinda expensive, but if you want products that will take care of your skin very much ESPA is great!

Check ESPA here!

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