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Summer/beach favorites'16

Hello everyone! I'm waving with my tanned hand for all of you! How is life? How summer? Have you been on adventure yet?? If you ask me, yes I was! I was in Crete for a week that means I was chillin' by the beach all week and what that means? That means I needed some products to look my best so today I am sharing them with you'll.

Let's begin, shall we?

Let's start with the hair. I recently started using leave-in conditioners 'cause I felt that my hair still needs some extra moist (sorry for this word (: ). After I bought this Aussie "Lightweight conditioning spray for  hair on the dry side. With Australian Macadamia Nut oil." I didn't like it at all because if you go crazy with this on dry hair it can stick your hair together and make a big mess. BUT if you use it on wet hair! Dammmmm it makes wonders, softens and makes shiny all your hair and it smells like blue Hubba Bubba

And now let's start with the face.

BB creams are my summer obsession! They are light weight, ease to apply, usually with SPF and usually filled with beneficial oils. This summer I'm trying out this The Body Shop "Vitamin E cool BB cream". The only thing with this is if you have oily skin this won't work for you. This cream is made to be moisturising for 12h and at the end of the day it becomes very oily BUT my skin seems to really like this! 

Concealer is A MUST when you don't want to wear any BB/CC/DD creams or foundation just to hide those dark panda's (or maybe Prada's????) bags under your eyes. I really like this Loreal "True match" one. It gives light to medium coverage and doesn't crease! I might go and my second one because this one is going to the end!

Waterproof mascara. Why? Cause nobody wants raccoon eyes after pool! I really liked Maybelline "Lash Sensational" mascara so I needed to try this waterproof baby but I don't really like this: its hard to take it off and it starts to fall off at the end of the day BUT it does the work of being waterproof!

Brows, brows, brows. Very important step for me because I don't have a lot of eyebrow hairs. I talked about this NYX "eyebrow cake powder" here I still really like it but I also wanted a pencil, because it's a lot easier to draw nonexisting lines with a pencil. This Maybelline "Master shape" is my new love! It is my colour (finally! it seems that all pencils are too red or too dark for me :D) and that colour lasts for a very long time! (even in water!!) AND it was a spoolie on the end!!

And the last thing is bronzer/bronzing powder. I have this Maybelline "Dream Terra Sun" for AGES! I know it's not very good for my skin but I really like this! I use this on my cheeks in 3 motion and sometimes as eyeshadow in the crease for some dimension.

That's for now! Let me know your summer/beach favorites in the comments below!


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