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Vintage coffee table essentials

Little by little spring is coming to our lives (even though I think Spring decided to forget about us Lithuanian's....). Flowers and trees started to boom (even in Lithuania haha!) and birds came back. With spring comes Spring cleaning and house re-organizing.

We all (except me) has/have a one or two coffee tables in our house and usually it's hard to style it properly: that it would match other things in rooms, and that it would be useful. So Charish company asked me to write about my coffee table essentials and how I would style My vintage coffee table.

Vintage coffee table essentialsMore info

So in this picture above you can see what essentials I chose. (If you press more info underneath the pic, you'll get to my Polyvore with more info about these things!). I think these little thing makes your coffee table your own style and can match any colours palette!

Also, I'll put more inspiration for styling coffee table below, because I know how hard it can be to style properly for your own style.

Even more, inspiration is on my PINTEREST COFFEE TABLE board! Check it out!

Also, thanks to Chairish for this idea to talk about my coffee table essentials! and check their coffee tables!

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