Monday, 30 July 2018

TPWM:Routine of healing psoriasis

3 steps to (almost) clear from psoriasis skin? Is that even possible you ask? Well, sure it is!


Psoriasis is a disease when the body attacks healthy skin cells and kills them (or smth like that). This turns to A LOT more dead skin cells than usual, that is why there is a lot of peeling and “dandruff”.
I find that only by exfoliating those dead cells works the best. I used scrubs (both homemade and bought this was my fave.) but they are so messy and not very effective, thus I bought an exfoliating glove (like this) which worked wonders! Less dead skin and my body were so soft! But I found out that these gloves can make little cracks in your skin :( which is terrifying so I bought body brush and started dry brushing! It is a thing to get used to but the results are amazing!


Everyone knows that every skin type needs moisture, especially the dry one. I am using body lotions at least 1-2 times every day, heavy The Body Shop body butter (because I think their’s are the best) once a week after my bath and I use body oils. I own neem, argan, coconut and almond oils but mostly love the last one. I just recently found out how to use any oil and make it comfortable! After you done with your shower/bath and while you are still drippingly wet put oil on the skin. YES STILL WHILE YOU ARE WET. After that just pat dry with a towel. This is a game changer trust me.


The best part of the week for me a Sunday because it is bath day for me. I used to add only bath bubbles but that does nothing for my extra thirsty skin. Thus I started adding salt, oils, essential oils, baking soda and even dried herbs! I make new bath salt every 2-4weeks and it does wonders for my skin! This not only relieves itch, inflammation etc. but also relaxes muscles while giving me a time to enjoy a little aromatherapy while reading a book.

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