2015 m. rugsėjo 7 d., pirmadienis

Fall'15 wishlist / must haves

Hello everyone!
Even Though fall just started I'm already loving it! Cold mornings, scented candles, warm hugs, green tea and SWEATER ♥
So here's my top 5 this fall fashion things!
Sleeveless waistcoat is a big trend these days and I think it's very cute and goes perfectly with everything! Wish to have at least one from these beauties ♥
 I loved and will always love boots for fall. But ankle heel booties look way more cuter for me ;) (and omg the first ones ♥♥♥♥)
 Blanket scarf is perfect way to look put together without even trying! It also goes perfectly with everything and it gives that cosy effect ♥
 Hats, hats and hats. I'm in love with these kind of hats for fall, not beanies or something but these. I think it give relaxed but super cute look for every kind of outfit.
And lastly Flannels. Checker flannels. It's like my go-to look for fall. So casual and simple!

That's for now!