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How to Look Your Best This Spring/Summer | Guest post by Peter Minkoff

Spring has already come and brought many changes along with it. So, if you want to look your best this season, you need to keep up with the latest trends. There are so many different rules and suggestions on how to look great, that you can end up confused. However, there is no need to worry, since we have prepared a simple guide for you to follow.

Use appropriate cosmetics

After a long and dry winter, your skin is in dire need of moisture, so spring is the perfect time to incorporate a high-quality moisturiser into your daily routine. It will help your skin look radiant and in the long run, it will slow down the ageing process as well. When choosing the right cosmetics for this spring, it’s of the utmost importance that you read the labels carefully. For example, you should stick to products which contain natural ingredients and all the necessary vitamins which will further nourish your skin. Additionally, spring is the time when SPF is obligatory. Although the sun doesn’t appear to be very strong, the impact of UV light is significant and can seriously damage your skin cells and even lead to the appearance of skin cancer. Finally, you should start applying amazing DIY face scrubs which will make your skin look better than ever.

Go for suitable makeup

The long winter is finally over, and it’s the perfect time to say goodbye to all the heavy make-up and embrace a more natural look. So, instead of a heavy foundation which will clog your pores, you should stick to lighter ones which will allow your skin to breathe. Furthermore, don’t forget to follow the latest trends regarding the right colours for this season. If you really want to look your best, stick to bold lipsticks, such as a peachy orange or a classic red. Additionally, keep in mind that a perfect blush is a must-have this season. However, you should make sure to match its colour to your complexion. Finally, this season is all about experimenting with colours, so, don’t shy away from it. Embrace your wild side and opt for some funky eyeshadows which will perfectly highlight your eyes and make you look fun and outgoing.

Find the clothes that suit you perfectly

Now that you know what your skincare and makeup routine should look like, let’s discuss clothing options as well. This spring has brought many exciting trends along with it, so you’ll experience a true adventure while searching for your favourite outfit. Let’s start by mentioning amazing women's cardigans which are a true must-have this season. Not only are they practical for chilly nights out, they can also look super-elegant if paired with interesting pieces of jewellery, thus creating an amazing combination for your workplace. Furthermore, this spring is all about brightness, so, don’t be surprised to hear that yellow will be present in all its nuances. This means that no matter what your skin tone is, you’ll be able to find a perfect shade for you. Finally, one shoulder dresses have become a real craze this spring, since not only do they look chic and fashionable, they’ll help you create a sexy look as well. It’s time for shopping!

As you can see, looking your best this spring is a piece of cake. All you need to do is make some changes to your skincare and makeup routine and follow the latest fashion trends. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin, so don’t feel pressured to live up to anybody’s expectations. Instead, find what suits you the most and stick to it. 

So this is my blog's first ever guest post!And it is written by lovely Peter Minkoff who is a beauty and fashion writer at Bonafide Supernova and Ivania's Mode magazine, living between UK and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips. Hope you had an amazing read and hope you now know how to look your best this spring/summer!