2017 m. gegužės 7 d., sekmadienis

How can planet Earth be saved with a hair pin?

Have you ever thought about saving the world? Ofc you did. You asked so many questions: "Where should I start? What could I do? Is this really worth it? After all of these, you might come up with a mind that said "But you are only on human. You can't change the whole world." Well, I must say, that you, yes you, YOU CAN change this planet and make it happy again. "How do I begin" - you ask? Well, that as simple as counting to 5 ;)

In school, I have thought a lot of things and one of them is all about planet Earth problems: deforestation, global warming, ozone layer destruction etc. This topic touched me in 8th grade when my biology teacher showed the class a video of kids in Africa that are dying because they don't have enough of drinking water. That was eye opening for me, I have never thought about how life is different for everyone else in the world. At age 16 I knew that I want to make something to help this planet to heal.

But at age 18...
I now I can.
You can too.

A Beautiful woman named Victoria send me an email talking about how can I (and ofc. you) save rainforest for the complete disappearance. Why rainforests is so important for us? Well, if you live under the rock or smth. you might not know that rainforests are The Lungs of this planet. They are making oxygen for all of us and by now you should know, that people can not live without this important thing yes? ;)))

So saving rainforest is important. But how can I (and you too) do it?

We'll the same Victoria introduced me to an amazing campaign named SAYA DESIGN. It is a brand that makes hairpins and for every purchase plants trees that are endangered species.

As SAYA says: "Inspired by nature and handmade by Balinese artisans, Saya Designs is a brand new heart fuelled venture launching a unique collection of hairpins. Using root wood salvaged from old plantations, each hairpin completes an amazing cycle, as every purchase plants up to 10 endangered tree species back into the rainforests in Indonesia. What's exciting is that this is only the beginning!
We believe being environmentally friendly is fashionable in itself. Through Saya, we will create excitement around issues we believe in. We hope to invite others to learn more and get involved with environmental and wildlife conservation by adding to the beauty in people’s lives by creating things they can treasure that have stories to tell. The time for change making is now and we can’t wait for you get involved too. "

As you understand, yes, hairpin CAN save Rainforest, thanks to you, of course!

These hairpins not only save our planet but will be your new hair accessory because it is so convenient and comfortable to wear!

SAYA on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  & their gorgeous site!

Much love,