Friday, 28 June 2019

Top 3 podcasts to listen right know (EN/LT)

Last year I kinda got into listening not only music but also podcasts. It was strange at first and was pretty hard to choose what to listen when because there are sooooo many good stuff: from health, sustainability to entrepreneurship and business overall. Today I am sharing my top 3 to help you choose the right one for you!

1. The Ikonns (EN)

A show produced by one of the most amazing families: Mimi and Alex Ikonns, not only that they have an amazing relationship, lovely daughter but they are also very intelligent and successful people. Their guests always surprise me with deep conversations and thoughts provoking ideas. So anything from mindfulness to relationships and entrepreneurship can be found here!

2. The health code (EN)

This podcast is basically what it is called: code of health. Lovely couple Sarah and Kurt from Australia talks about everything super raw and hones, from health and fitness to hustling and creating a life that you want. Not only that their podcasts are super funny and even with comedy interruptions, but they are also very educated on things they speak, everything is based on research and can't mention the Australian accent...MATE IS BEAUTIFUL!

3. NebegÄ—da (LT)

NebegÄ—da (No more shame-or smth like that) is one of my favourites in Lithuanian sphere. This podcast is very intriguing not only because it talks all about sexuality, sex education but also about sensitive topics that are still taboo in my country: all from womanhood, to secret desires and love. Cannot wait to see where this brand goes in the next few years!

I would love to hear your recommendations on what to listen to next!

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