Monday, 30 September 2019

TPWM: Honey for psoriasis? | AD: Psoriasis Honey

AlthoughI've been dealing with psoriasis for about 5 years now, I am still on a constant lookout for new products to try. Thus after seeing the fabulous notification from amazing Psoriasis honey in my inbox asking for collaboration I was happy for days! Now let's talk more about there two "jars of honey"!
Disclaimer! I am going to talk about products that may not work on everyone the same as it did on me. I'm only going to share my experience and my honest findings of these products.

This serum claims to have intense rehydration, to be quickly absorbed and is nutrient-rich.

This serum I decided to try for days when the cream is just too much of a hassle to take and when psoriasis on my face decides to show me how annoying it is. First thing first I didn’t really like is the smell, but after using it consistently I got used to it. I really enjoy the moisture it gives-it does absorb very quickly but stays hydrated for a few hours at least.
I mostly use it on my face as it doesn't clog my pores and doesn’t make me break out AND I like to drop few drops into my palm with just some natural moisturizer I am using that time-works wonder in securing the moisture in skin for longer.  

This cream claims to be nutrient-rich, deep moisturizing and itch cooling.

And to be honest: it does everything as it says. It is SUPER  rich and heavy cream-more so, like heavy oil, like coconut. The thing I love the most about this product is that it contains salicylic acid thus it removes all dead tissue in minutes! Also I did as it said on the package to leave it in the fridge for more cooling effect-but I didn’t felt anything supercooling, just a cold cream haha.  Maybe my expectations were too high :D
But all in all, I really liked this cream, and although I am too lazy not to forget to apply it 2-3 times per day (as for this dosage I saw the biggest improvement) I still saw an improvement, might not be a big one, but still something, as it seems to be that with psoriasis its something or nothing!

Generally speaking, Psoriasis Honey is one of those brands that I will happily go back when other’s products won’t work for me. Thank you once again to them for sponsoring this post and letting me know about their awesome products!

Psoriasis Honey

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