Friday, 25 October 2019

5 ways to keep Mr. Cold away this season

Stuffy nose season is on so here are 5 tips on how to keep Mr Cold away!

A diet full of antioxidants

A diet full of greens, colourful veggies and fruits is a must when cold is knocking on your doors. There is a lot of research done about how antioxidants share our immune system and help viruses and bacteria lack their luggage and leave your body for good. Thus adding berries or fruit to your morning breakfast or adding few more veggies into spaghetti with meatballs will only do some good.

Although I am very lacking in this part, I know that movement is crucial for the immune system. Not only that by sweating we remove some toxins through the skin, but also movement actives our limps and lymphatic fluid which helps to remove all the bacteria and viruses out of our system.

For the last year, people started to talk about sleep more and more. And although I still haven't had a chance to read famous ”why we sleep” book by Matthew Walker, I do understand that sleep is very important. Not only that we need it for ”beauty sleep” thing but also while we sleep our body rests and will be able to fight with nasties better. This is why it is not recommended to drink highly caffeinated drinks like coffee or energetic beverages because they weaken our immune system. This is why extra z’s will not be bad while sick season is on.

#AD Although I mentioned many times in my account hat food plays the most important role in keeping one’s immune system strong, sometimes food supplements might be the right thing to do. Adding more vitamins than you get with food will possibly increase your immune response and help to get better fast.

I recently got an opportunity to try food supplements from NewCrush, they are called ”Superantioxidant” by TheOrganicPharmacy. These supplemental not only are derived from natural sources but are also in a glass container! Antioxidants that are in it are mainly from gingko, blueberries, Gotu kola, turmeric and many more not only is said to promote good blood circulation, strengthen immunity but also gives some anti-ageing properties to the skin. That is why I must say it is a Win-win product! 

And last but certainly not least is staying positive and happy. Good vibes attract good ones. If Mr Cold decided to visit you don't be sad, cover yourself in a warm and cosy blanket, brew some lemon ginger tea and watch a movie or a few! 

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